The New Syrian Army (NSA) makes gains against ISIS in the area of Tanaf

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Few days ago, The New Syrian Army succeeded in taking control over Tanaf border crossing between Iraq and Syria after a successful military operation, backed by Coalition air strikes, on ISIS military positions in the area.


After fierce clashes with ISIS yesterday, NSA managed  to overrun several key areas; including Tanaf border crossing and 10 other points close by it. Ten ISIS members were killed while eight others captured during the attack.


A media activist affiliated with NSA told D24 that, ‘’ NSA fighters have blown up two arms depots belonging to ISIS in the area of Tanaf, and our army ( NSA) is still in control of all the areas seized from ISIS over the past few days’’.


ISIS had taken control over Tanaf border crossing in May 2015 after a sudden withdrawal of Assad forces from it.


It is  worth to note that The New Syrian Army is dominated by FSA fighters from Deir Ezzor province. NSA had been trained in Jordan before its formation was announced on November 2, 2015.

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