Jaysh Assud Sharqiya, an FSA faction, expels ISIS from ” Siriyat al-Waar”, a military company north Tanf border crossing

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First photo from Siryat al Waar after Jaysh Assud Sharqiya took control over it

Yesterday, Jaysh Assud al-Sharqiya, an FSA faction, seized control over ‘’ Siriyat al Waar’’, a military company, after fierce fighting against ISIS.


Jaysh Assud Sharqiya succeeded in gaining control over ‘’ Siryat al Waar’’ and areas surrounding it after fierce clashes that lasted for more than 12 hours last night. Several ISIS militants were killed and wounded, in addition to the seizure of huge amount of medium and light weaponry during the operation.


It should be noted that ‘’ Siriyat al Waar’’ in eastern Badiyat Homs, is 100 km far north Tanf border crossing between Iraq and Syria.

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