The National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces once again overlooks the new horrific massacres perpetrated by Russian planes in Deir Ezzor

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The National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces published on its official website a statement condemning the massacres that have recently been carried out by Russian planes in Ma’rat Nua’man town in rural Idlib, overlooking the Russian massacres in Deir Ezzor, which claimed the lives of more than 160 innocent civilians.


It is not the first time in which the National Coalition overlooks massacres perpetrated in Deir Ezzor, as the province had been overlooked before in info-graphics, posted online by the National Coalition, about Russian aggression in Syria .

More than 200 thousands civilians are living under the harsh and miserable condition of the siege imposed by ISIS on both Al-Joura and Al-Qusour districts of Deir Ezzor city, in addition to the Russian deadly airstrikes, which target civilian buildings and residential areas. Despite all of these, Deir Ezzor province has always been neglected, and has received no media coverage of the atrocities and violations, which are being perpetrated on a daily basis by Assad, ISIS, and Russia.


In addition, it is commonly known to the Syrian people that Deir Ezzor was among  the first provinces to join the revolution, however, it still does not receive media attention by the National Coalition that is supposed to be representative of the revolutionary movement in Syria.

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