The mayors of Deir Ezzor flock to the examination halls for basic education

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

DeirEzzor24 correspondent said that the exams for the basic education certificate in Deir Ezzor witnessed a turnout and attendance of officials and mayors of the local administration and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our correspondent pointed out that the head of the Farmers’ Union, called “Khazan al-Sahw”, and a member of the Executive Office, “Ali al-Rasoul”, are among the applicants for the basic education certificate exam in Deir Ezzor.

He added that a large number of the mayors of towns and villages were known, including the mayors of the town of Al-Shamitiyeh, the mayors of the town of Al-Tabani and all the mayors of the town of Al-Sayyal, who applied for a basic education certificate.

It is worth noting that this turnout by mukhtars and officials is due to their fear of losing their positions, after the recent decision issued by the Ministry of Autonomous Administration to dismiss every mukhtar or official who does not have at least a basic education certificate.

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