The living conditions in the city of Muhassan, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside.

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The families residing in Muhassan city, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, are going through deplorable and catastrophic living conditions due to the extreme laws and daily atrocities of Daesh, which have affected all aspects of life, turning the civilian situation into a total nightmare.


A massive wave of displacement correlated with the beginning of the air strikes on Muhassan, and it increased  as the air raids were intensified. Due to the cutting off of the salaries of the employees and lack of employment, many of the families were pushed to escape to neighboring countries such as Turkey, where they have taken refugee in camps which had been set up along the border.


With the arrival of Daesh, the wave of displacements increased. Those who did not pledge their support for the organization are now a minority in the city. Due to the cutting off of the salaries, many civilians are now working in the domains of agriculture and livestock. Moreover, some are extremely reliant on money transfer from abroad, which occupies a central role concerning the sources of incomes for the families.


On the health care level, as the organization established full control over the city, many of the field hospitals were put out of service. The operators of the independent Physiotherapy clinic in the city were restricted to certain activities. The clinic had also consisted of a pharmacy before the organization closed it. It is still operable but not as effective as it was before the arrival of the group.


Concerning the water plants, there are two water plants in the city. The first is located in Al-Bahouri neighborhood, and the second is situated in Al-Abad neighborhood and it supplies the rest of the neighborhoods in the city of Muhassan. Former employees of the regime and some who were employed by Daesh operate them both.


Concerning the agricultural associations, there were two associations in charge of operating the irrigation canal in Albu Amro, which used to effectively supply five villages before being destroyed by the coalition. There is also an old association in the city managed by those who chose to stay, in addition to some other cadres who were employed by Daesh. All the associations lack financial support and their activities are crucially dependent on diesel.


In light of the absence of a country that buys the agricultural productions, the farmers earn almost nothing. They also face a sky-high increase in prices of fuel.


On all levels, the situation in the city of Muhassan is changing from bad to worse, mainly after the organization prevented the civilians from leaving its controlled areas.

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