The international anti-Daesh coalition resume their air strikes on the infrastructures in Deir Ezzor by destroying strategic Al-Mayadin Bridge

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Al-Mayadin Bridge after it was destroyed by a coalition air strike on September 27, 2016.

The Al-Mayadin Bridge which links between the two banks of the Euphrates River was struck by the international coalition forces yesterday, rendering it out of commission after being destroyed. According to the coalition, the air strikes were a part of their strategy which systematically targets the Daesh’ supply routes and bridges in the province.


The Coalition also carried out air strikes on the river crossing connecting the village of Al-Bulayl to Al-Sahbha in the eastern countryside, putting it out of service after experiencing heavy damages in the air strikes.  A ship which was parked near the river crossing was also pulverized. Despite the fact that there were some guards in the targeted area, there were no reports of casualties. The Al-Omar oil field and Khisham town were also bombed.



Noteworthy, D24 network documented more than 15 areas in rural Deir Ezzor which have been targeted by the coalition this month. As stated by the leaflets which the coalition had dropped over Al-Mayadin before conducting the air strikes, the air raids were mainly concentrated on the roads and bridges in an attempt to cut off Daesh’s supply routes. The leaflets also warned civilians not to approach the bridges and the main routes as “they will be among the list of the targets”

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