The command of the Baath Party in Deir Ezzor intensifies its meetings and encourages women

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

The correspondent of DeirEzzor24 network said that intensive meetings of all party divisions and branches, and members of their commands, were held today, in the leadership building of the party branch in Deir Ezzor.

Our correspondent added that the meetings were chaired by the Secretary of the Baath Party branch in Deir Ezzor, “Raed Al-Ghadban” to discuss the local and municipal council elections that will take place on the eighteenth of next September.

He pointed out that the party leadership instructed the secretaries of the party groups to urge citizens, especially the female component, to run for elections.

The elections that take place in the Assad regime’s areas, in all their forms, are formal processes that end with the victory of the personalities supported by the officials of the Assad regime.

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