The 4Th Division Has Established a New Military Position In The East Of Deir Ezzor To Control Smuggling Activity

Written by Editorial Board

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DeirEzzor24 reporter said that the 4th Division of the Assad forces has established a new military post in the town of Tabiya Jazira in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, adjacent to the town of Jadid Okaidat, which is under the control of SDF.

He added that the point was established in order to monitor smuggling operations by the Fourth Division, and to control all smuggling operations between Assad’s forces and SDF-controlled areas.

It should be pointed out that the Fourth Division controls most of the smuggling corridors and crossings linking the SDF and the Assad regime, throughout Deir Ezzor and imposes its own financial fees under the name of “delimitation of goods” at the entrances to the province, the dirt bridge and trade routes of all kinds.

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