Strange disease has emerged and spread among civilians in the besieged areas of Deir Ezzor

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“Several civilians in the besieged areas of Deir Ezzor are facing a new strange disease that causes night blindness,” local sources in the besieged city indicated to D24 today.


They added, “Doctors in the besieged areas have come to the conclusion that the disease is spread among civilians who are vitamin A deficient.”


The siege conditions played the major part in the decrease of vitamin A. It remains unavailable at the pharmacies and medicine stores and the disease is prevalent in both the youth and the elderly.


Amid the lack of vitamin A and health care in Assad-regime held areas in Deir Ezzor, civilian health continues to deteriorate. They are even denied departure from Deir Ezzor for medical treatments.


Noteworthy, Daesh is still imposing its inhumane siege upon helpless civilians living in the Assad-regime held areas. It has been imposed for one year and eight months now.

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