Snakes, scorpions and rats invade Deir Ezzor

Written by Editorial Board

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Snakes, scorpions and rodents such as rats and mice have recently invaded Deir Ezzor city’s neighborhoods, according to Deir Ezzor 24 Network correspondent.

Today, Thursday (July 2), people were able to kill a 1-meter-long snake after it entered a house in al-Villat neighborhood. This incident was preceded by the killing of two snakes, one in Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood and the other in Al-Jbaila neighborhood in the past few days, the correspondent said.

A person from Deir Ezzor, who preferred not to be named, told Deir Ezzor 24 Network that snakes, scorpions, rodents and insects have spread in Deir Ezzor city due to the high temperatures and the negligence of the municipality, which has turned a blind eye to the accumulation of garbage and rubble in the city.

It is indicated that Assad regime has been controlling Deir Ezzor since late 2017, without working to improve services since then, as the city lacks the most basic services, which is attributed to the prevalence of corruption in the municipalities and the provincial council.

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