SDF forces explicate the confrontations between them and Assad’s forces in eastern Deir Ezzor

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As the defeat of Daesh in Syria is approaching, the conflict between US-backed SDF and Russian/Iranian backed Assad’s forces has began to appear. More than 100 regime fighters were killed by coalition airstrikes after they crossed the red lines drawn by the USA.


In an interview with the spokesperson of ‘Al-Jazeera Strom Operation’, Lilwa Al-Abdullah, she stated to D24 that ‘Assad’s forces attacked SDF positions nearby the Tabiyah town and Jadid Akidat villages but they failed to advance after the coalition foiled their attempts by striking their positions.’ She added that ‘ the strikes destroyed most of their headquarters and heavy vehicles and inflicted 100 casualties upon their ranks.’

Abu Khawlah, the commander of DEMC, explained to D24 the details of the recent clashes against Assad’s forces in eastern Deir Ezzor. On 7 February 2017, Assad’s forces and sectarian militias launched a large scale offensive against SDF in eastern Deir Ezzour. They initiated the offensive by shelling SDF positions in Koniko gas field, as well as the villages of Jadid Akidat, Kisham and Tabiyah Jazzeera in eastern Deir Ezzour, using heavy artillery. This was in connection with heavy Russian airstrikes against SDF in the villages of Dahlah and Jadid Bakrah in the eastern countryside, which also coincided with clashes between SDF and Assad’s forces near Al Salhiyah town located at the northern entrance to Deir Ezzor city.

Hizbollah militias, Liwaa Fatimiyon and Harakat Nujabaa, in addition to some Russian mercenaries, also took part in the attack.


The strikes, clashes and mutual bombardment led to the displacement of many civilians from the villages of Jadid Akidat, Dahlah, Kisham and Jadid Bikara.


On Thursday 8 February, the coalition conducted air raids against positions belonging to Assad’s forces and allied militias in the village of Tabiyah Jazzera, which was confirmed by CENTOM in a statement that reads ‘ pro-regime forces conducted an unjustified attack against a SDF headquarter where some coalition advisers were stationed on 7 February. The attack was carried out 8 km east of the deescalation areas along the Euphrates.’

The statement added that ‘the coalition carried out  the strikes in defense of the their advisers and allied forces and in response to the aggressive attack on the partners of the coalition in the anti-Daesh mission.’


The Assad regime released a silly statement in which it the US action against its forces as a ‘transgression’ against the Syrian sovereignty.

On Friday 9, Assad’s forces began attacking SDF positions in the village of Al Tabiyah and Jadid Akid  akidat, but they could not make any gains due to the fact that they were hit by multiple coalitions airstrikes that played a big part in repelling their attempt.


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