SDF evacuated some villages in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor after capturing them

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Yesterday, the SDF dis evacuated all residents and displaced families residing in villages they recently captured in the western countryside, including Hawayej Busmaa, Zaghir Jazeera and Al-Saawa, following the explosion of a VBIED left behind by Daesh.


After the explosion, SDF fighters opened fire in the air and evacuated all civilians and displaced families from the Shamiyah area to the northern desert of the villages of Al-Saawah and Zaghir Jazeera. They did not allow them to take any of their properties on the pretence that they must leave their homes until the villages have been cleared from Daesh remnants.


Since yesterday, thousands of civilians have been facing severe humanitarian conditions due to the scarcity of food and water and the deteriorating health of some of them.


Ahmed, a displaced civilian from the villages of the Shamiyah area, told D24 that, “ I was forced to leave my house and I was prevented from bringing the medicines for my mother who is facing diabetes. I have almost run out of the food supplies I have with me. Concerning water, I no longer have it.’


Ahmed appealed to the decision makers to intervene and allow to every family to return to their houses to take their food and medicines as well as tents, in addition to providing shelter and work on returning those civilians as fast as possible.


Villages in the western countryside ( the Shamiyah area) are now home to thousands of displaced families from the Shamiyah area in western Deir Ezzor who were displaced from their villages after Assad’s forces captured and prevented them from going back to them.

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