SDF are advancing in northwest of Deir Ezzor province

Written by Editorial Board

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In cooperation with the Nukhbra Forces, the SDF advanced and gained control over several positions in northwest of the province of Deir Ezzor following clashes against Daesh.


The gains are the result of several days of clashes against the organization in which the SDF captured the Abyad/Abu Khashab highway, in addition to some villages nearby it.


A military source affiliated with the Nukhba Forces ( FSA) stated to D24 that there were no heavy clashes due to intense airstrikes on Daesh positions. The organization only carried out some VBIED attacks which had no effect on the advancing forces.


He added that there is no authenticity to any report saying that the SDF had captured the Jazrat Abu Hamid and Jzrat Milaj in west of Deir Ezzor, confirming that they are attempting to capture them so as to surround and cut off Al-Raqqa supply lines to Deir Ezzor province.


The battles resulted in 10 Daesh casualties and the capturing of two others. The SDF also seized a number of weapons and four-wheel drive vehicles.


The course of the battles in northwest of Deir Ezzor point out that the SDF and the Nukhba Forces will not advance to areas beyond the Jarat Buhamid village west of the province. The capturing of that village will enable them to move towards the eastern countryside of Al-Raqqa in order to lay a siege to it, which is the main goal of both, the SDF and the coalition.


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