SDF advance in the northeast of Deir Ezzor following clashes against Daesh

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Heavy clashes broke out yesterday between SDF and Daesh in the northeastern desert of Deir Ezzor, which led SDF to capture several oil positions and wells.

A D24 correspondent said that the the SDF had captured Al-Hariji, Al-Dahsh, Al-Bassam oil wells and Sijan complex, as well as Al-Azraq, Mirwah, Al-Ansar and Al-Thuaban oil fields in north and northeast Deir Ezzor following violent clashes against the organization.

He added that ‘ the SDF managed to advance due to heavy coalition airstrikes against Daesh positions.’

At least 7 SDF fighters were killed, and several others were wounded, while more than 14 Daesh fighters were killed in the clashes.

It should be pointed out that SDF had burned several civilian-owned oil tankers which were stationed near the aforesaid oil wells.

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