Russia is lying and it continues massacring entire families in Deir Ezzor under the pretext of targeting ISIS

Written by Editorial Board

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The internet blockade imposed by ISIS on the whole region of Deir Ezzor coincided with intense Russian airstrikes which exceeded more than 50 air raids targeting the whole province.


In addition,a new massacre was discovered in the village of al Zubari ,situated in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, following heavy Russian bombardment which resulted in the destruction of several civilian homes and the deaths of at least 40 innocent civilians(the death toll might rise )and dozens of serious injuries including children and women.

Names of some martyrs who were identified :



1.Entire family of Amash al Dahsh
2.Entire family of Marqal
3.Three sons of AbduAllah al Hilal
4.Entire family of Ibrahim al Zabwari (Former chairman of the local council in the town of al Zubari)



Photo: Aftermath of a Russian airstrike on civilian homes in Deir Ezzor province.
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