Revolutionary Guard Militia Attracts People of Deir Ezzor

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The Iranian Nasr Center in Port Said Street in Deir Ezzor city opened its doors to those wishing to join the ranks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia, in exchange for 85,000 Syrian pounds per month and a food basket. The center stipulates for those enrolled that they are not required for compulsory service, even for those under 18 years or those who have been released from compulsory service, while the joining activities begin with a training course of 45 days, after which they are enrolled in full time, without granting vacations during the course to the affiliates. The center sends the members and joins them to the militias of the “Fatimiyoun” Zainabiyoun, the Hashemite Hezbollah, and other militias, while the service is exclusively in the Al-Bukamal desert, as well as the training is within the Al-Bukamal camps.

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