Prisoner swap deal between Daesh and Nusra Front

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Both Daesh and Nusra Front have recently reached a prisoner swap deal that secured the release of a group of fighters, some of whom are of Deir Ezzor origins affiliated with both sides, private sources indicated to D24 Network today.

“Twelve Nusra militants were freed as part of a prisoner swap deal with Daesh. Some of the released militants were captured in different areas, including Deir Ezzor  (when Daesh took over the province) and during recent clashes in rural Aleppo,” D24 correspondent in  Deir Ezzor’s western countryside said today.

He added, “To be more precise, three of those released in the prisoner exchange deal are from the eastern countryside, while three others are from the western countryside. The rest are from either Idlib or Aleppo, and they all arrived in Nusra-held areas in northern Syria today.”

This prisoner swap deal between both Daesh and Nusra is regarded as the first of its kind in Deir Ezzor since the group took control over the province in 2014. It is because Daesh has recently carried out a series of mass execution against a number of Nusra militants whom it captured before. Daesh forced also some of its captured Nusra militants to fight for the group on some of its hardest and toughest front lines in Iraq, where many of these prisoners have lost their lives so far.

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