Once again, the bread crisis returns to the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor

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Once again, the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor (al-Jura, al-Qusour and Harabesh) are facing a shortage of bread for more than ten days, as most of the bakeries have been put out of service.


There are only three operable bakeries in all those neighborhoods. Their owners signed contracts with Assad’s forces to produce bread, which is then distributed to civilians for free by the Syrian Red Crescent.

A civilian from al-Jura neighborhood told D24 that “Assad’s forces received financial assistance for families residing in the besieged areas, but they did not distribute them and just provided a little part of them by distributing bread to trapped civilians for free.”

The distribution process is done by the Syrian Red Crescent, which has 6 distribution centers in al-Jura neighborhood, 8 distribution centers in al-Qusour neighborhood and 2 in Harabesh neighborhoods, which are controlled by Assad’s forces.


The quantity distributed on a daily basis is not sufficient for the families.  Seven loaves are all what trapped civilian receive, and the distribution is limited to those owning a bread card issued by the Red Crescent.


Samar from al-Qusour neighborhood told D24 that: “one loaf of bread for each family remains insufficient, and what increased the suffering is the absence of any source of bread than those bakeries, which do not sell bread to civilians, but are committed to providing it to the Red Crescent, which distributes only one loaf of bread for each family.”

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