Once again, bread becomes unavailable in the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor

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Over the past two days, the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor have witnessed an excruciating bread crisis, after most of the ovens ceased to function, which continues to occur repetitively in the neighborhoods.



Three ovens located in Al-Joura, Al-Qusour and Al-Muwadafine neighborhoods are now the only remaining ovens in usable condition, while the rest have been knocked out of commission due to lack of fuel. The three active ovens are always crowded with civilians, and they stay open for less than three hours a day. Each one receives an insufficient amount of flour ranging from one to half ton, which certainly cannot cover the needs of all the civilians in the besieged areas.




On the orders of  Assad forces, the ovens are only allowed to sell ten loaves of bread at 100 SYP to every family under the pretence that all civilians should obtain their share of bread. Ten loaves are obviously insufficient in light of the deplorable and harsh siege conditions, and since bread is a primary meal for the families who cannot afford to buy other food items whose prices have sharply increased.

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