Nawaf al-Bashir recruits new fighters for IRGC

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A source told Deir Ezzor 24 Network that Nawaf al-Bashir recruited hundreds of new fighters from Deir Ezzor for different militias in the governorate.

The source emphasized that al-Bashir recruited young men for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and other Iranian militias. The source added that al-Bashir recruited dozens of new recruits for the militia headed by Assud al-Asha’er Corps.

The source noted that the new recruits underwent training and cultural courses to learn the Shiite doctrine.

Al-Bashir’ activeness moved from western to eastern Deir Ezzor, especially the city of al-Bukamal that is the IRGC largest stronghold in Syria. There are Iranian-backed militias in al-Bukamal.

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