ISIS allows civilians to leave Deir Ezzor province on condition they have certificates of temporary residence in Saudi Arabia

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A number of ISIS checkpoints situated at the outskirts of Deir Ezzor have recently stopped three buses and ordered their drivers to return to the cities of Mayadin and al Shahil, after realizing that the passengers were heading to the Turkish territory. Our correspondent in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, said that the reason ISIS prevented the passengers from leaving Deir Ezzor was that they did not have certificates proving they are temporary residents in Saudi Arabia. Only those who are temporary residents in Saudi Arabia and travel to Deir Ezzor for visiting their families are allowed to leave.


On the other hand, ISIS had imposed several laws before, preventing civilians from leaving its territory, especially those heading to Turkey. The ISIS checkpoints situated near the FSA-held areas, demand approvals, which are obtained from the group-run administration in Deir Ezzor, from civilians to allow them to leave the province. The implementation of the law differs from one checkpoint to the other, depending on their commanders.


It is worth mentioning that the number of families fleeing from Deir Ezzor to Turkey has been on the increase lately for fear of being forcibly conscripted by ISIS, the group’s atrocities and its bad and poor economy.

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