“#M” : A new hashtag launched on social media to counter and resist Daesh in Iraq

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A group of Iraqi activists has launched a hashtag on social media titled “”, which translate into the letter M in English, in order to attract the attention of the world to the suffering of helpless civilians under Daesh’s rule in Iraq. It also stresses on the efficient and productive role of non-violent civil resistance against the group and its human rights abuses that occur on a daily basis.


According to the activists, the newly launched hashtag #M has numerous meanings, among them the peaceful resistance, Mosul and resistance. This hashtag comes as the anniversary of the fall of Mosul into Daesh’s hands, which occurred between 4–10 June 2014, is close.


The hashtag has gone viral on social media, as several people have joined it to express their solidarity with civilians living in Daesh controlled territory in Iraq who are currently stranded and caught between both the Public Mobilization and Daesh.

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