ISIS executes one of its own militants in Deir Ezzor on charges of rebelling and fighting against the group

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ISIS on Monday executed one of its own militants, Yahya Hamoud Al-Salim, in Deir Ezzor, under charges of rebelling and fighting against the group, local sources told Deir Ezzor 24.


“Five ISIS vehicles threw the body of Yahya Hamoud al Salim from the village of Dayban, in front of his home with an accompanying leaflet that reads, ’’ He has burned vehicles belonging to the Islamic State and also rebelled and fought against it’’, Deir Ezzor 24 correspondent in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor said.


27-years-old Yahya Al-Salem, defected from ISIS around five months ago, and he was detained for ten days to be executed today by firing three bullets in his chest’’, Deir Ezzor correspondent in the eastern countryside added.

It should be noted that the majority of those detainees accused of fighting ISIS are always neutralized either in secret or public areas. On the other hand, a while ago ISIS carried out a campaign of its mass executions targeting all of its controlled parts in Deir Ezzor province. It is believed that the group resort to such tactics after every time it faces military setbacks.


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