Abu Imran, an Imam, left Syria for Turkey along with his family after being displaced by ISIS

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Abu Imran from rural Deir Ezzor, has a family consisting of five members, he is an Arabic teacher and also Imam of a mosque named “al Furqan” in his hometown, al Bughayliya. He has never taken part in the Syrian conflict and he only spends his time in the mosque, doing his work (Imam).

After a group of ISIS members sneaked into the town of al Bughayliya in rural Deir Ezzor, by crossing the Euphrates River using boats, they headed towards the mosque of al Furqan where they prayed the dawn prayer, along with seven old men and Abu Imran who had no choice but to lead the prayer. When they finished, Abu Imran was obliged to say ‘’ May Allah make it easy for the Mujahideen who struggle for his sake’’, which was a sentence that subsequently put him in a lot of trouble and almost ruined his life.

After ISIS members fled the town of al Bughayliya following clashes with the regime forces, the latter raided the house of Abu Imran, looking for what they described as ‘’ the Imam of Daesh (ISIS)’’ and then arrested him.

Abu Imran served more than 6 months in a regime-run prison, and whenever his family asked the regime security branch of Deir Ezzor for information about him, they were always told that he had been transferred to a specific branch in Damascus.

The family struggled and suffered for a long while, as they had no salary to help themselves with after Abu Imran, the one in charge of them was detained.

After his release, Abu Imran was denied entry to the besieged city of Deir Ezzor, and then he headed towards the passageway of al Junayna overlooking his hometown (al Bughayliya) and asked a group of ISIS members standing at a checkpoint near the passageway to let him cross to the town, however, they ordered him to bring an approval from the ISIS commander in the village of al Husayniya in rural Deir Ezzor. Abu Imran was unsuccessful to obtain the approval, and went to the city of al Mayadin and then Raqqa to try again but his request was rejected.

Finally, the family of Abu Imran were smuggled out of Deir Ezzor and were able to meet Abu Imran again , and then they travelled together to Turkey and left their hometown after being humiliated by both of the regime and ISIS.

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