ISIS executes a cigarette smuggler whom it falsely accused of drug trafficking after he had rejected to collaborate with the group

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Nawaf Ali from the city of Albu Kamal , located in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, was detained  in ISIS’ jail for 20 days and has recently appeared in a new ISIS photo report in which he was presented as a drug dealer; however, reality is markedly different from what ISIS propaganda portrays.

It is well known in the region that Nawaf is a smuggler who keeps moving between Syria and Iraq. One day ISIS asked him to smuggle an amount of arms and ammunition as he is familiar with the smuggling routes in the region of al Badiya, yet he rejected the request. After that, ISIS attempted to convince him for several times but all of its attempts failed as Nawaf insisted on rejecting the request. Subsequently, Nawaf reached a deal with an Iraqi dealer to smuggle an amount of cigarettes, however; it tuned out that the Iraqi dealer was an ISIS secret operative who had already informed the group of the deal.

It should be reminded that drugs were not included in the deal and ISIS fabricated the charges against Nawaf after his refusal to smuggle weaponry, and it will arrange his execution  in the coming days.


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