ISIS arrests 15 young male civilians in Deir Ezzor as part of its new forced conscription program in the region

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ISIS has raided a number of civilian homes and shops in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, and arrested 15 young male civilians as part of its new forced conscription program in the province, sources close to the organization told DeirEzzor 24.

ISIS in the town of al Shumaytiya in rural Deir Ezzor has recently arrested 15 young male civilians, whose ages fall within the range from 15-20 years old, to draw them into its compulsory military services, the correspondent of DeirEzzor 24 in the western countryside said.

The group has recently increased its raid campaigns of arrests to forcibly conscript civilians in Deir Ezzor, our correspondent added.

It should be noted that many families from Deir Ezzor province have fled to Turkey for fear of being forcibly conscripted by ISIS, in addition to the lack of basic services and human needs under the rule of the group.111222

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