In an attempt to repel the offensive on Mosul, Daesh deploys its reserves of manpower in Syria to Iraq

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The developments of the battle for Mosul have created an urgent need for the organization of Daesh to employ a large number of its reserves of manpower stationed in its controlled areas of Syria, mainly Deir Ezzor, for the reinforcement of its defensive lines in Mosul, a strategic stronghold for the group.


According to a D24 correspondent, the group’s Shari’ ( those knowledgeable about issues of the religion) have deployed many of the recently graduated Daesh fighters in Deir Ezzor to Iraq, taking advantage of the stalemate in the province, mainly the eastern and western countryside of Deir Ezzor.


He also stated that the organization is enlisting members of the Arab tribes in the region in order to repel both, the Shia and the Kurdish militias, relying on the sectarian and nationalist atmosphere dominating the region.


The recently deployed fighters from Syria to Iraq are now fighting on different front lines in Iraq, including the Kirkuk and Al-Rutba fronts, as the group is attempting to ease the military pressure on Mosul by attacking its enemies on different fronts in different areas.


Al-Bukamal city is the linking chain between the organization-controlled areas in Iraq and Syria. Many changes have occurred in the city so far, mainly after the launching of the battle for Mosul. On the security level, many Daesh commanders, along with their families, were sheltered in confiscated homes in the city, while the “ruler” of Al-Bukamal has been changed twice so far, (Jihad Mosili and Abu Omar Al-Furati who are members of the Daesh security office in Mosul, according to our correspondent in the area).


The city is also facing an increase in prices of food, electricity for 1–2 hours a day while the confiscation of abandoned homes by civilians has also increased.

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