Important decisions are taken by the autonomous administration to confront Covid 19 in northeastern Syria

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Two days ago, the autonomous administration in its areas of control in the eastern region (Deir Ezzor, Hasakeh, and Raqqa) issued a statement, and published it today 14-3-2020. The statement contains several decisions to confront Covid 19.
The statement read:

In order to prevent the danger of Covid 19, which has become a global epidemic, the following was decided:

1- All gatherings are prohibited in the areas of the autonomous administration in eastern and northern Syria.
2. All schools and institutes in the areas of the autonomous administration are suspended from Saturday until further notice.
3- No one is allowed to enter the areas of the autonomous administration through the crossings except for the people of northern and eastern Syria, who will be allowed to enter every Tuesday.
4- The schools, universities and crossings will be opened by a decision, that will be issued later by the Joint Presidency of the Joint Administration’s executive council in eastern and northern Syria.
5. Decision No. / 15 / issued on 27/2-2020 relating to (Semalka) crossing will continue to be applied and will remain in effect until further notice.

In this context, the people of Ash-Shahil town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside are calling for the need to close the illegal water crossing with the areas of Assad’s forces west of the Euphrates, for fear of Coronavirus (Covid 19).

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