Heavy clashes erupt between the Assad’s forces and the Iranian militias in Al-Mayadeen city

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D24 exclusive:

Seven elements of the Assad’s forces were killed last night in Al-Mayadeen city as a result of clashes broke out between the Assad’s forces on one side and the Fatimiyeon Brigade and a group of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on the other, according to D24 network correspondent.

He added that the clashes erupted between the two sides after the group of the Assad’s forces tried to enter al-Tammo neighborhood in the city, where the elements of Fatimiyeon brigade prevented them from entering the neighborhood, which led to fighting between the two sides, during which the Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces intervened to support Fatimiyeon brigade.

Our correspondent confirmed that the clashes between the two sides resumed today in the vicinity of the stadium roundabout in Al-Mayadeen city, and no deaths or injuries were recorded until the moment.

It is indicated that the majority of the elements of the Assad’s forces who were killed in the recent clashes are from the area of Deir Attiyah, where they had been previously brought by the Assad’s forces to fight in the battles of the badiyah against Daesh.

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