General chief commander of FSA’s Northern Division falls martyr on Aleppo’s frontlines

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Abdulkarim al-Yahya, general chief commander of FSA’s Northern Division, martyred in ongoing clashes taking place between the FSA and PKK on the front of Sheikh Maqsud neighborhood of Aleppo today.


He was born in the town of Hazarin in rural Idlib in 1974, and was among the first to defect from Assad-regime forces and join the FSA in Deir Ezzor military airport during the month of Ramadan in 2012.


After he defected from Assad-regime and joined the FSA in Deir Ezzor province, Abdulkarim al-Yahya formed an operation room for the liberation of the military airport, and he occupied a major role in decisive military operations against the regime in Deir Ezzor, mainly the front of the airport.


Following ISIS’ takeover of most of the province, Abu Abdou refused to pledge his allegiance to the group and left Deir Ezzor for Aleppo where he established along a group of other officers what is known now as the FSA Northern Division.


Abdelkarim had taken part in several battles against ISIS, PKK and Assad-regime before he martyred in heavy confrontations against PKK in Sheikh Maqsud today.

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