Besieged civilians in Deir Ezzor city continue to suffer from chronic hunger

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Trapped civilians in the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor are still going through sharply deplorable and deteriorating conditions, facing hunger, thirst, a shortage of bread and lack of medicines.


They have ended up in an unsparing and remorseless situation where they are caught between Assad-regime preventing them from leaving the besieged areas, and ISIS denying them access to its held territories in Deir Ezzor.


Samira; a housewife living with her family in al-Joura neighborhood has talked to D24 about her situation of living under siege by saying, “the cheapest meal now costs around 1500 Syrian lira. I wake up at 3.00 am and go to the bakery where I have to queue for around 6 to 4 hours, hoping I can obtain 18 loaves of bread at 200 lira.


She added: “I then return home so that my children can have their breakfast which is merely made up of water and bread as the food prices are extremely expensive and unaffordable these days. One kilo of beans has reached 2000 lira; with 1 kg of butter costing around 1200 , while firewood can be bought at 200. With regard to gas, it is unavailable in the besieged neighborhoods”.


In respect to leaving the besieged areas of Deir Ezzor, it has become almost impossible as civilians are obliged to bribe Assad-regime forces with extremely high amount of money to be allowed to leave; in other word, you have to be wealthy, which is unattainable, to escape hell in the besieged areas.


The besieged neighborhoods of al-Joura and al-Qusour are not only subjected to an appalling and inhumane siege but they are also facing a daily and intensive ISIS shelling which sometimes causes civilian casualties.

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