FSA faction Assud Al-Sharqiya thwart new Daesh offensive in Qalamoun.

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For around a month, ISIL has been deploying large number of its manpower to its held areas in the eastern region of Syria- the eastern Qalamon and the Syrian Badiyah. It has aggressively attacked the FSA-controlled territory in the eastern Qalamon, utilizing several VBIEDs and heavy weaponry.


In other news, the FSA faction Assud Sharqiyah along with other rebel groups have recently repelled an ISIL offensive on Al-Ishara Mountain and the area of Al-Nakab, killing around 20 Daesh fighters. A large number of Daesh fighters were also killed in the battles which took place on Al-Afai’ Mountain, Al-Jabal Al-Sharqi and Al-Al Afai well.


Concerning the Syrian Badiya, Assud Al-Sharqiyah have attacked several Daesh-held positions, including the Science Research Company in the area of Al-Tyass, Mkhol Mountain, Al-Siss Mountain and the area of Al-Juwayf. Clashes are still ongoing in the region.

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