A child and a woman were killed in a Russian air strike in Muahassan city today

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A child and a woman were killed, others wounded, after Russian warplanes bombed Al-Abad neighborhood in the city of Muhassah, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, today.

Our correspondent in the city indicated that, “the air strikes were carried out utilizing cluster bombs which were dropped on residential buildings in Al-Abad neighborhood, killing two civilians and wounding several others. The woman was identified as the wife of Mutaab Ramadan while the child was identified as the son of Walid Al-Ifan. The child succumbed to his wound while being transported to a neighboring field hospital.”

He added, “The death toll from the air strike might increase as some of the wounded are in a critical condition.”

Noteworthy, Al-Abad is the most densely populated neighborhood in the city of Muhassan and it is the eastern entrance to the city.

Picture of the wife of Mutaab Rmadan who was killed in the Russian air strike in Muhassan today

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