Eight martyrs after ISIS shelling on the besieged districts of Deir Ezzor yesterday

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Yesterday, ISIS targeted the regime-held al Joura and al Qusour districts of Deir Ezzor city with several mortar rounds, causing the immediate death of eight civilians, including a child and a woman.

Besieged Civilians, who are facing a shortage of food and severe deprivation of human basic needs amid a deteriorating human rights situation in the region, have been the only victims of ISIS fierce shelling on the trapped districts of Deir Ezzor up until now.

Names of the civilians killed in ISIS shelling on the regime-held districts yesterday:

  1. Samira Mahmoud Omar Abdl Hay
  2. Mahmoud Omar Abdl Hay
  3. Adnan Ramadan Ahmed
  4. Mohamed Sheikh
  5. Hamza Khafaja
  6. A child named ‘’ Savana Fayz Savan’’
  7. Adnan Mohamed Sheikh Moussa Khafaji
  8. Mohamed Ramadn Sheikh Moussa al Khafaji.

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