Dozens of civilians killed in a new horrific massacre by Russian and Assad’s warplanes in the Kisham town

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In the wake of the incessant arbitrary airstrikes by the Russian aircraft and Assad’s warplanes, massacres against women and children in Deir Ezzor continue.


On Tuesday, Russian and Assad’s warplane carried out airstrikes on the town of Khisham in the eastern countryside few hours before Iftar ( the time of fast-breaking). Cluster bombs were dropped on residential building, and as civilians were gathering at the targeted areas to rescues the wounded, the warplanes returned and conducted a strike on the gathering of civilians with several missiles, resulting in a massacre in which dozens of civilians were killed and many others were fatally wounded.


The wounded have been transported to field hospitals in towns located in the eastern countryside. Many of them are in a critical condition, some others have been disfigured.


Names of some of the killed civilians:

Hamid Ibrahim Al-Jabr

Rawdah Farhan Al-Habsh and her three children

Ali Farhan Al-Habash


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