Diban hospital suffers from the lack of equipment … and efforts are made to serve people

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Diban town hospital in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside suffers from several difficulties, that hamper the work in the hospital.

A medical source who preferred to be unnamed said that the electricity problem in Diban town is one of the biggest problems facing the hospital, as it suffers from continuous interruption of electricity, where the medical staff use generators to get electricity.

According to the same source, the hospital suffers from a lack of CT imaging machines, dialysis machines and lithotripsy devices. The sources indicated that the hospital is often unable to perform some surgeries due to lack of equipment.

The source noted that the lack of ambulances in the hospital is an impediment to transfer the patients in critical condition or those seriously injured as a result of the security chaos in the region, where the hospital suffers from a huge lack of ambulances, which are very important means in the work of the hospital.

In the same context, the source said that the hospital’s dialysis department does not have the necessary medical equipment and that the hospital strives to secure everything necessary to provide services to the people of the area.

The source added that the issue of the security and clan threats in the region is a problem that the local authorities must find an immediate solution to, by providing protection to the hospitals and the medical staffs.

It worth mentioning that Diban Hospital provides services to tens of thousands of civilians in al-Jazeera line “east of the Euphrates” in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, and it is one of the most important hospitals that people depend on in the region.

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