DeirEzzor24 has obtained names of the governing body and the commanders of the recently established militias of «Hashd al-Jazeera wal-Furat»,

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DeirEzzor24 has obtained the names of the supervisors of so-called «Hashd al-Jazeera wal-Furat» that the Assad regime formed in the eastern region in Syria recently. The names are those of the supreme command and its deputy, or the so-called «military commander» and also his deputy, as well as the governing body of the militia.

According to the leaks obtained by DeirEzzor24, the commander of the Hashd is called «Iyad al-Farhan», the military commander is «Saleh Sayyah», and the deputy military commander is «Maher al-Jawhari».
The governing body of Hashd has been agreed on the following names to be members, and they are as following: Dr. Ghazi Abbas, Mohammad Sebahi, Raif Obaid, Omar Kwaider, Qatham Shwaish, Muhannad al-Hamoud, and Abboud al-Mushel.
It is noticeable through the leaked names the absence of any prominent tribal leader from Deir Ezzor, neither of the elders of the first grade nor even the second and third. Contrary to the Assad regime’s statement that the major tribes from the province will be within the new formation.

Hashd al-Jazeera wal-Furat is a local militia that was established in Damascus by people from Deir Ezzor province loyal to the Assad regime days ago. They had fled to the Syrian capital because of beings among the Assad regime’s shabiha that are being used by it to defend the region.

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