Deir Ezzor suspension bridge was built by the French and destroyed by the Assad regime

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The Assad regime’s reaction to the Syrian revolution was not a regular one since it targeted the people, infrastructures, stones and historical landmarks. On Tuesday, May 02, 2013, the regime destroyed the Suspension Bridge (Al-Jisra Al-Mualaq) after targeting it with heavy artillery shells.



The Suspension Bridge is significant for the locals in Deir Ezzor. It was a historical landmark with which they have beautiful and unforgettable memories. This is why the regime wanted to erase it from their history. It is as if the regime was saying ‘I am the one who writes history. The country is my farm’ or as his loyalists have been saying ‘Assad or we will burn the country’.



The bridge inspired many poets in Deir Ezzor and it was the link between Deir EZzor city and its countryside. Historically speaking, the bridge is among the most important historical landmarks in the province. It was built by a French construction company under the supervision of the French architect ‘Fifo’ in 1925. Many locals from the province took part in the process of building it, which lasted for six years. According to some elderly from the province, many local builders were buried in the bridge after a huge quantity of cement fell on them as they were working in it. In 1931, the bridge became operable after a its project costed around 1 million and half Syrian pound.



From an architecture perspective, the construction of the bridge was based on a Western approach. It was characterized by its four pillars upon which columns were built in a beautiful geometrical way. They were magnificently connected by huge iron wires. It was about 475 meters long and 4 meters wide.



The building of the bridge went through different states. In 1947, it was lightened with beautiful and colorful lamps whose light had a lovely reflection on the river. It was painted with yellow color in 1955.  In 1980, vehicles were prevented from using the bridge. The traffic on the bridge was organized by phone calls by the control staff operating on its two sides.



The destruction of the Suspension Bridge was not executed for military purposes, but it was a message to the Syrians that the price of freedom will have to be paid by their present, future, blood of their loved ones and the memories of their reality. The answer to the regime will be by keeping the spirit of the revolution alive which would help to get rid of the barbarity of the regime and its forces who have destroyed and ruined all aspects of life, civilization and history in the country.

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