37 displaced civilians from Iraq and Syria have been killed in a suicide attack carried out by Daesh in Rajm Suleibi Refugee Camp

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Daesh carried out a suicide attack today targeting the Rajm Suleibi Refugee Camp in the eastern countryside of Al-Hasakah that is home to hundreds of displaced civilians from Syria and Iraq. The attack was in synchronization with a group of Daesh fighters sneaking into the camp and deliberately killings several of the displaced with knives and swords.


At least 37 civilians have been reportedly killed and public and private hospitals are now overloaded with the wounded, most of whom are in a critical condition.


The ASO Network published a report based on its medical sources in Al-Hasakah, confirming the death of dozens of civilians in the suicide attack. 15 wounded civilians are now being treated in the Hikmah Hospital, 16 in the National Hospital and the medical center belonging to the Health Directorate and 4 in the Hayat Hospital (also known as Isam Baghdi Hospital).

The network also indicated that Daesh took advantage of the current sandstorm which has swept across the region to carry out the attack, adding that the death toll has risen to 37, most of whom are women and children. The dead were buried near the camp. The report also mentioned that many of the wounded have no idea about the fate of their families.


The Rajm Suleibi Refugee Camp in Al-Hawl area, Al-Hasakah eastern countryside, is the biggest camp housing civilians fleeing from Daesh-held areas in Deir Ezzor and Al-Raqqa, in addition to those fleeing from Mosul.

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