Daesh uses WhatsApp Messenger to set up its enemies in Deir Ezzor

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Daesh raided yesterday an internet salon in the city of Al-Shaheel, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, and arrested a number of young civilians who were present in the salon at the time of the raid.


An eyewitness said that, “Daesh members literally inspected every phone mobile that they even played and listen to all audio records in them, and confiscated a number of phones from people who were inside the salon yesterday.”


The same witness added, “They even forced those present in the internet salon to record anti-Daesh audio records and send them to their friends in Deir Ezzor. If the latter answered with negative and anti-Daesh statements in response to the audio record, Daesh members would immediately arrest them.”


Internet salons in Deir Ezzor are highly controlled by Daesh members, as they are constantly raided.

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