Daesh is losing control over its affiliated fighters

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Deploying its spies to several areas in order to monitor the civilians willing to flee from its held territory is no longer among Daesh top priorities. Daesh is no longer punishing, executing, imprisoning and imposing fines on those trying to flee. The organization no longer cares about the confiscation of civilian properties , which is the policy it has adopted before. This is because it controls now only five towns, which are even within the artillery range of Assad forces and the SDF. Furthermore, only few civilians who have remained in those towns, whom the organization is using as human shields.
The towns of Bahrah, Baghuz, Granij and the village of Shaafah are the only locations that are still under its control in the eastern countryside, and they might fall at any moment. Concerning the Abu Hamam town, it is now a military zone, though the organization is in full control of it.

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