Civilians in the city of Muhassan celebrate ‘Eid’ with a new massacre caused by airstrikes

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Eid Al-Fitr has come to city of Muhassan in rural Deir Ezzor as its inhabitants are drowned in the sorrow and pain of death that is chasing them in their homes.  The bloodbath continues and people are still bleeding from the violent and indiscriminate airstrikes.


The Eid this year was not an exception for the children in the city that has been subjected to heavy airstrikes for long.

At 8.00 am, aircraft bombed several areas in the city, including the neighborhood of Al-Budarbass, which resulted in a horrific massacre that has claimed the lives of at least 3 children and two women, as well as the injury of dozens of others, most of whom sustained life-threatening injuries, amid a lack of medical staff and equipment. The air raids have destroyed several civilian buildings and commercial shops.


The city of Muhassan is going through severe humanitarian conditions, in light of the unavailability of electricity, water and landline phone services due to airstrikes and Daesh’s restrictions on the civilian life.


Names of the killed:


The woman Hawah Mahmud

The woman Mayah Ared Ahmed Al-Aliwi Jassem

The child Ahmed Aref Ahmed Al-Aliwi Jassem

The child Oday Ahmed Al-Aliwi Jassem

The new born baby, 10 months, Khaled Aref Ahmed Al-Aliwi Jassem

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