Children of Syria……from peace to terrorism

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A new video purportedly published by ISIS titled “To the Sons of Jews” in which it draws a comparison between the military training for children in Israel and ISIS-run areas in Syria. The video was filmed in “Wilayat al-Khayr,” Syria, which was known as the Deir Ezzor Governorate before it fell into the hands of the organization.



The video starts with showing various images of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It then cuts to footage of students studying the Quran and receiving military training.Children who perfected the military training and education were rewarded and offered the opportunity to carry out execution against some alleged prisoners held in ISIS prisons .Five of ISIS child soldiers execute five “spies” hidden in various places, then another boy sets down the pistol,takes out a knife and beheads the last man.The ancient ruin called al Rahba castle situated south of the city of al Mayadeen is where the alleged prisoners were executed.




The new release focuses more on the military training received by the child soldiers in ISIS training camps .It seeks to recruit and train children between the ages of 5 years and 17 years old and their first training sessions begins with studying and explaining both of the Quran and al Aqeeda which are utilized and exploited by ISIS to teach these children into thinking like killers from an early age by planting extremism and terrorism in their minds.





This is not the first video release where ISIS presents and promotes its child soldiers since it had disclosed the involvement of children in all sorts of its combat missions both in Iraq and Syria before. Videos had been put out before showing child soldiers taking part in military operations and carrying weapons while standing at ISIS checkpoints.The group boasts about these vile training academies through its social media channels and it had also released videos ,months ago, showing children being brainwashed into becoming suicide bombers .





One of the most dangerous tactics used by ISIS concerning child recruitment is that they isolate and turn children against their own parents under the pretext that they (parents) are apostates.







The establishment of such military training camps makes the region face a state of intellectual transition ,from peace to terrorism ,as they (training camps) give birth to nothing but children accustomed to scenes of death, blood and body parts which also generates a society full of negative thoughts and incorrect use of the concepts of Islam that will consequently increase the number of terrorists who are not aware of the risks of their actions.





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