Abu Talha al-Almani appears in a new ISIS video following rumors of his death

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ISIS has recently released a new video in German language titled ‘’The Knights of Martyrdom’’,featuring Abu Talha al Almani,after Washington reported his death along with  several media outlets last month. He appeared in an 8 minute video published on December 2 speaking in German and  mourning the death of his friend ‘’Abu Yassir al Almani’’ who conducted a VBIED attack a while ago.He shed light on his relation with Abu Yassir including the last moments of his life and how he came up to AbuTalha in order to tell him about his intention of conducting a‘’martyrdom operation’’,leaving material world behind.In addition, he mentioned that his friend, Abu Yassir, was rich and his life during ‘’al Jahiliya’’(darkness) was full of joy and pleasure.


Abu Talha Almani appeared in the video wearing a mask ,speaking about himself and how he moved to Iraq to fight alongside his brothers ,he also talked about his life as a former rapper and how he was immersed in the pleasures of the material world ,additionally,he indicated that changing his way of life (rapper) was because of  Muslim women who are being raped in every part of the world, which was a reason that pushed him to travel to Iraq and Syria to defend their honors.













It’s not the first time Abu Talha Almani appears in new video denying rumors of his death as this had happened repeatedly before,for instance : when he was in rural Latakia west Syria,a photograph showing his injury was posted online to be used as a ‘’compelling’’ evidence by some for his death thus Abu Talha was featured again in an ISIS video showing him surrounded by huge group of ISIS fighters in al Badiya in Syria ,debunking reports of his death.












Moreover,rumors of the death of Abu Talha was spread like wildfire after Jabhat Nusra carried out a VBIED attack against an ISIS headquarter in eastern Syria long ago,then Abu Talha appeared still alive in a video published by the group.The Iraqi security forces reported his death in November 2015 as well, after conducting a military operation targeting a group of ISIS militants which resulted in the deaths of a number of them ,consequently reports were quickly sparked that the former rapper was dead which turned out to be false again.













Abu Talha al Almani ,his real name is Denis Cuspert,also known by his stage name, Deso Dogg was born in Kreuzberg, a Berlin district in 1975. His mother remarried an African-American U.S. Army officer with whom Cuspert had ongoing conflicts.  In 1995 he began a rapping career with varying success, as he got increasingly involved in street trouble and eventually in crime.

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