Assad’s forces intensify their artillery shelling against Daesh-held villages and towns in Deir Ezzor

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Three civilians were killed and several others were injured in an artillery shelling by Assad’s forces against the Shaafah town in the morning.


Assad’s forced utilized heavy artillery and rockets in the shelling of the town, leading to the killing of three civilians and the severe injury of many others, in addition to large-scale destruction to the targeted area.’


The forces also shelled the towns of Al Sayal, Al Mujawdah and Al Jalaa in the eastern countryside. The latter towns are witnessing heavy waves of displacement because of the ongoing intense artillery shelling.


In other news, heavy clashes broke out between Daesh and Assad’s forces in the Abu Hamam town in eastern Deir Ezzour in connection with coalition airstrikes against some Daesh positions.

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