Assad-regime warplanes drop leaflets over the city of Al-Myadeen, east Deir Ezzor

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Warplanes belonging to the Assad-regime dropped leaflets over the city of Al-Myadeen yesterday, calling on civilians not to approach specific areas because they are going to be bombed.

Assad-regime fighter jets conducted at least five air raids on Al-Myadeen yesterday, targeting the conserves factory in the city, in conjunction with the airdrop of warning leaflets, calling on civilians to stay away from the oil fields, “because they are legitimate targets for us”.

The number of Daesh fighters is on the increase in the city of Myadeen, as Daesh continues to suffer more setbacks in northern Syria and Iraq.

In other news, regime warplanes carried out more than ten air strikes with cluster bombs yesterday, targeting Daesh-controlled neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor, in addition to the villages of Murat and Hatlah, leaving at least five civilians dead and wounding several others.

Russian and Assad-regime warplanes have recently intensified their air raids on civilian targets in Deir Ezzor. Russia’s long-range Tu-22M3 bombers taking off from “Hamedan” air base in Iran have been conducting air raids on areas in Deir Ezzor for more than a week now.

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