Among the casualties sustained by the Assad regime due to the coalition air strikes on Thurdah Mountain were 12 officers

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The U.S.-led coalition air strikes that targeted the Assad forces in the vicinity of the military airport remain complex and unclear for many activists and monitors. Were they deliberate air strikes by which the USA and its allies wanted to deliver a specific message to the regime and Russia? Or was it a mistake caused by the wrong coordinates of the targets, as stated by the US Central Command?


There are still doubt regarding the death toll of the air strikes on Thurdah Mountain which were presented by Russia and the Assad-regime. They both claimed that the regime forces and the pro-Assad militias sustained more than sixty casualties

A number of pro-Assad social media pages published 28 names of some of the killed Assad forces, including twelve officers with different ranks, in the  coalition air raids on Thurdah Mountain:

  1. Brigadier Suheil Ibrahim Omran ( LetiKia/ Al-Qaradha)
  2. Brigadier Yassin Abdou Maala ( Tartouss/ Badr)
  3. Colonel Taleb Khayr Bik ( Hamah/ Massyaf)
  4. Colonel Ali Dandash Khay Bik ( Hama/ Masyaf)
  5. Colonel Ghayth Mohamed Ismail ( Latikia/ Jabla)
  6. Major Fadi Mahmoud Shayha ( Latikia/ Jabla)
  7. Line officer Anass Mohamed Bakar ( rural Damascus)
  8. Line officer Bashar Rajoh ( Hama/ Al-Ghab)
  9. Line officer Adnan Amran ( Tartus)
  10. First lieutenant Amjad Ali Mansour( Tartuss)
  11. First lieutenant Zaher Haydar ( Tartus/ Banyass)
  12. First lieutenant Mohamed Farss Shaheen ( Tartuss)


In addition, the Palestinian and Lebanese pro-Assad militias, mainly Hizboallah militia, have announced the death of some of their fighters while there were reports about the Russian forces operating in Deir Ezzor taking casualties in the air strikes.

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