As a part of their forced conscription program, the pro-Assad regime militias carry out arrest campaigns in Deir Ezzor

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The Assad forces along with the pro-regime militias operating in the province of Deir Ezzor have recently intensified their arrest campaigns which aim to forcibly conscript the youth.

The pro-regime NDF, Hizbollah and the Battalion of Assud Al-Khaled militias have arrested dozens of young male civilians in the regime-held areas of Deir Ezzor, including Al-Joura, Al-Muwadafine and Al-Qusour neighborhoods. They have established check points in all of the main streets and lanes in the besieged areas, as well as the bakeries and cafés shops, arresting any young civilian who passes through the check posts.

This was preceded by the arrest of several civilians in Al-Joura and Al-Qusour neighborhoods by the Assad-regime ‘Republican Guards Forces’ and other militias who forced the arrested to dig trenches and fortify the barricades on the front lines against Daesh in the region. After they were exploited for several days, the civilians were released.

These forced conscription campaigns that target the youth in Deir Ezzor come after the regime sustained devastating casualties due to the international coalition air strikes on the positions of the Assad forces near the military airport front, which enabled Daesh to capture the strategic Thurdah Mountain overlooking the airport.

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