Al-Salhiyah trench irks the people, and a deliberate negligence by Assad regime

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The people of Al-Salhiyah town, at the northern entrance to Deir Ezzor city, suffer from the trench that runs through the middle of the town.

This trench, which served as a drainage channel for the sugar factory, turned, after the factory became out of service, into a sewage channel and a waste dump by the residents.

This trench runs through the middle of the town, so its contents became a direct threat to the people of the area, as many types of insects and parasites spread due to the accumulation of garbage and stagnant water, in addition to the stench coming from the trench.

The residents have filed more than one complaint to Assad regime officials in Deir Ezzor, according to Al-Salhiyah residents, but no one of the officials responded, thus the trench was left as a fertile environment for the spread of diseases in Al-Salhiyah town and the surrounding areas.

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