Al-Iraqiya pours out his anger on a member who submitted a complaint to Hussam Al-Luqa.. What happened?

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Deir Ezzor 24 exclusive report:

The media of Assad’s forces continues to prove their lack of transparency and credibility day after day and on every occasion. While they are trying to exploit the current events to polish the image of Assad and his militias, the magic turns against the magician and comes out empty-handed except for some useless propaganda. “I hear noises, but I don’t see grinding.”

Including what happened in the so-called comprehensive coverage by Assad’s visual and electronic media of the settlements that were recently held in sports salon in Deir Ezzor, where a young man in a wheelchair in a military uniform applied to conduct the settlement status similar to the members of the local militias, which caught the attention of security and military officials, led by Major General “Hossam” Luqa” and the head of the security and military committee in Deir Ezzor, Major General Jamal Mahmoud Younis, and the head of Air Intelligence, Brigadier General “Hossam al-Zaal”, to inquire about his condition, and it turned out to them that he was a volunteer in the ranks of the National Defense Militia who was wounded at the frontlines of Deir Ezoor military airport, after which he suffered disability in 2016.

He blamed the disabled for this on the commander of the National Defense Militia in Deir Ezzor, “Firas Al-Iraqiya”, stressing that he refused to receive him and respond to his complaint, which caused Al-Iraqiya to be reprimanded by officials and threatened to dissolve the militia and isolate him from membership in the security ²committee in the province.

And local sources later indicated that “Al-Iraqiya” sent its members to take the wounded soldier to his home, to beat and insult him and break his teeth.

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